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Keep Your Septic System Working

Does your septic system seem like it's not functioning as it should? If yes, you need the experts at Paragon Home Inspectors. Our professional staff uses state-of-the-art physical and visual examination techniques to perform a thorough inspection.


The florescent dye method is used along with the visual and physical examination of your septic system's leach fields to help determine its health.


Our complete water analysis adheres to the strict procedures and requirements of our industry. We only use ELAP-certified technology!


The latest septic testing methods and technology

  • Florescent dye testing

  • Water testing

  • ELAP-certified laboratories

  • Basic bacteria tests

  • Complete water analysis

  • Visual examinations

  • Physical examinations

Serving Westchester, Sullivan, Ulster, Orange, Putnam, and Duchess counties

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