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Make Your Home Seller Certified

Are you trying to sell a home or property? Are you not sure whether there are any problems that you may have missed? The cause of many canceled sales are due to your buyers finding out about serious technical and functionality issues in your home that you may have been unaware of.


Call Paragon Home Inspectors today for a pre-listing inspection of your home or property.


Our professional inspectors will find any issues with your property before you put it on the market. Either you can have them repaired or you can disclose them in your inspection report and adjust your price accordingly.

“They were very complete... I would have no problems recommending them to my family and friends.”


Take part in our seller-certified home program

  • Identify issues with your property before it goes on the market

  • Covers utilities

  • Internal facets (doors, windows, and more)

  • External facets

  • Report any potential safety issues

Thorough, fair, and effective inspection services

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